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The best measure of a successful organization can be viewed via the relationship it holds with its customer base and other business partners. Over the years the growth of Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions has been directly related to those mutually beneficial relationships with all our Aftermarket and OEM customers, suppliers and financial partners. The presence of the Spectra Premium brand and visibility globally testifies to the strong support we have received from all our business partners throughout those years and for that we thank you all.

With ever changing technology, global supply chain initiatives and adaptation to market demands, our partnerships have allowed us the ability to remain ahead of the curve and we guarantee you all efforts will continue to be done going forward to remain …

The Premium Choice.


Spectra Steel Industries is founded by opening a 25,000 ft² fuel tank manufacturing factory in Longueuil, Quebec.

Steel fuel tank from Spectra Steel


Merger with Premium Automotive (Port Hawkesbury, Cape Breton) results in Spectra Premium Industries Inc.

The head office and the fuel tank factory move to a 100,000 ft² facility in Boucherville, Quebec.


Acquisition of American Designers (Knightstown, IN)

  • Becoming the North American leader in the manufacture of replacement steel fuel tanks
  • Thus expanding distribution into the United States
American Designers logo


Consolidation of the Canadian radiator industry through the acquisition of 7 companies:

  • Coulter Radiator (Windsor, Ontario)
  • Laniel Radiateurs (Montréal, Québec)
  • Rick's Gas Tank factory (Ottawa, Ontario)
  • Multi Réservoirs 2000 (St-Hubert, Québec)
  • Radiateurs Roy (Ste-Foy, Québec)
  • Sanka Manufacturing (Centreville, Nova Scotia)
  • CAREM (Debert, Nova Scotia)
Radiator with old SPI logo - Spectra Premium Industries


Acquisition of two key U.S. distributors to increase radiator market share in the United States

  • Northeast Radiator (Boston)
  • AARS (Chicago)

PWB is acquired (Warwick, England)

  • Consolidates the position of world leader in the manufacture of steel replacement fuel tanks
SPI distribution logo


A new, 170,000 ft2 radiator factory is constructed in Laval, Quebec


Two Canadian air conditioning parts manufacturers are acquired

  • AC Canada (Milton, Ontario)
  • K&L Condensers ( Brampton, Ontario)
Certi-Cool logo 2000


The first OEM contracts are obtained and Line 1 of the OEM fuel tanks starts up at the Boucherville factory

  • Pontiac GTO fuel tanks with Holden in Australia
  • ATV radiators for Bombardier Recreational Products


Main warehouse in Boucherville is expanded, raising the total surface area of the head office to 475,000 ft²


ISO/TS16949 certification for the quality system of the fuel tank factory in Boucherville

Our 47 regional distribution warehouses in the United States are sold in order to align our growth strategy with the leading American automobile parts distributors


Launch of Fuel Pump Assembly Program into the aftermarket

Fuel pump assembly


Spectra Premium becomes the North American leader in the sale of replacement radiators

North American leader radiator


The 2nd OEM line starts up with the fuel tank for the Chevrolet Volt, the first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)


Spectra Premium receives the AAIA New Packaging Award for our redesign of the new radiator box and resealable carton. We launched our automated price shopping tool to increase efficiency to track market movement.

Radiator packaging award-winner


Opening of a new 250,000 ft2 distribution centre in Greenfield, IN


Launch of O2 Sensors, Vendor of the Year Award from AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts Vendor of the Year for application data.

OS5138 Spectra Premium oxygen sensor launch


Acquisition of Richporter Technologies, which extends Spectra Premium product line coverage into engine management parts

Richport Technology ltd RPT logo